Rental Policies Payment


1) At the time of the reservation, we must have received a $30 deposit payment to hold your reservation.

2) If your deposit is not received, your order will remain a quote, not a reservation*.
Cancellation Policy 

3) We reserve the right to modify charges for broken, missing, damaged, dirty items up to 48 hours after items have been received prior to going through FINAL inspection.
Delivery & Set-Up

4) Typical delivery/pickup hours are Monday through Sunday 9:00am - 5:30pm.  Additional delivery charges will apply for orders requiring delivery/pickup before or after our typical hours of operation noted above.

5) If you require delivery outside of our normal delivery times a minimum additional overtime fee will apply.

6) We cannot guarantee a specific delivery/pickup time.  To find out when your order is scheduled for delivery/pick-up, please call the day before the delivery/pick-up date indicated on your contract.

7) For a weekend event, we may deliver as early as Wednesday.  If you are scheduled for a Friday delivery, we may call you at the beginning of the week and move the delivery day up a day or two according to our workload and weather conditions.

8) Pickups that are scheduled for Monday may be pushed back to a later day due to inclement weather or other scheduling issues.  Your flexibility is greatly appreciated by our staff. Keep in mind that the safety of all equipment is the customer’s responsibility from the time of delivery to the time of pickup.

9) All delivered equipment is dropped off in stacks as close to your requested area as can be reached with our delivery vehicle, according to prior submitted layout/directions sent by the customer.

10) If items must be transported to specific area, i.e. (inside building, up stairs, elevators, etc.), customer is to pay additional minimum fee.

11) Set up and break down service for chairs & tables is available at an additional fee.

12) If you set up the equipment, it is also your responsibility to break it down into stacks and return it to the place where it was delivered.

13) All items being picked up must be in the same location to where we delivered.

14) Changes made at location regarding placement of items will be subject to an hourly fee of $50.00 per hour, per person , with a $50.00 minimum fee.

Safety Rules


   * All participants must remove shoes, eye glasses and any other sharp object that can cause injury.
   * No flips, wrestling, running, or pushing.
   * Do not bounce against the sides, near the entrance, or on the step area.
   * No food, drinks, gum, candy, gum or candy wrappers, pets, or silly string in or around the jumper.
   * No hanging on the unit.
   * Exit if the inflatable begins to lose air and deflate.
   * Unload the participants immediately and deflate the unit if wind speeds exceed 15 mph.
   * Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the inflatable unit at the same time.
   * No participants are allowed on a partially inflated unit.
   * Under no circumstances is climbing on the exterior of the inflatable allowed.
   * No electrical cords should run through puddles or near a pool.
   * All inflatable's should remain securely staked down and fully inflated before any participants are
     allowed to jump.
   * Do Not Move the inflatable unit once the setup of the unit has been completed by the employee.
Prattville, AL 36067
Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat & Sun: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm